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2012 ACMSSR Paper
Author : mhjeong
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   Paper No.

  A Basic Research on VTS Simulator Training ─────  Nishimura Tomohisa          01

  Implementation of Integrated Navigation Simulator in Barombong Merchant Marine College

   ─────  Yeddy Teddy Theodorus Ombuh         

  A Study on Development of Laptop-Based 2D Simulation Software and LCD Monitor Based 3D Ship-Handling Simulator for Pilots  ─────  Tae-Gwoen JEONG  03

  On the Assessment of Collision Probability from Maritime Traffic Flow Survey Results

  ─────  In-young GONG


  Study on Handling Methods for Collision Avoidance in Restricted Water Area

  ─────  Suzuki Takayuki

  On the Validation of Collision Risk Monitoring System through Ship Handling Simulator Experiments and Field Tests  ─────  Nam-Sun SON 06
  A study on Safety of Small Crafts on Inland Waters  ─────  Song-Jin GANG                    07
  Coupled Dynamic Simulation of a Tugboat and a Towed Barge based on the Multiple Finite Element Models of a Towing Line  ─────  Hyeon Kyu YOON 08

  Numerical Investigation on the Turning Characteristics for a Trimaran in Waves

  ─────  M. C. Fang


  Manoeuvring Captive Model Tests of KCS Container Ship in Shallow Water

  ─────  DongJinYEO

  Study on the Estimation of Ship Maneuvering Characteristics and the Application for the Handling  ─────  Sugisawa Minoru 11
  Simulator-Based Instrument Navigation Experimental and Validation Study on the Improved Leading Line Concept  ─────  S.D. Lee 12

  Development and Application of a Navigation System for Inland Waterways in Korea

  ─────  Juhwan Lee         


  Applications of Augmented Reality Technology for Ship Operation and Maintenance

  ─────  Ho-Jin Hwang

  On Ship Generating Waves in a Canal  ─────  Young-rong KIM 15
  A Study on the Effects of the Smoke Exhaustion on Safe Evacuation in Emergency Situation during Fires of Ships  ─────  Won Ouk KIM     16

  Advanced BTM Training beyond BRM in Revised STCW in 2010

  ─────  Hiroaki Kobayashi

  Cargo Handling Simulator Training Using Self Evaluation  ─────  Adachi Yoshihisa 18
  Advanced ERM Training and the Facilities  ─────  Mitsuo Kojima 19
  Integrated Ship Simulator for Full Crew Training  ─────  A. M. Firme 20
  A Study on Designing an Automatic Assessing Traffic Situations (AATS) Equipment - a Tool for Education and Training  ─────  Pham Van Thuan 21
  The Inexperienced Mariners' Insufficient Behavior Characteristic and Effective Education and Training  ─────  Ito Koji 22

  Workload, Omission Error and the Prioritization of Navigational Techniques

  ─────  Uchino Akiko



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